What are Thermolaminated Kitchen Doors?

Thermolaminated doors, also known as Vinyl or Thermo doors, are a popular choice for interior applications due to their affordability and durability. They are made with a moisture-resistant MDF core and a hard-wearing vinyl laminate surface, creating a door with a smooth, imperfection-free finish. This makes them ideal for busy households as they are resistant to scratches, stains, and wear and tear. Thermolaminate is considered the new and improved version of the traditional vinyl product, offering a more modern look and improved durability.

When considering the type of door material you choose, the most popular 3 choices are melamine, thermolaminated and polyurethane. Whilst consumer confidence is generally strong with melamine and polyurethane doors as both are well known products, we find that when offering thermolaminated that clients have not heard of the product before or there is a lot of misinformation about the quality of todays doors which can often lead to clients being hesitant to consider them for their project. This is largely due to the older technology that was used to produce vinyl wrapped doors and the issues this new technology faced. These doors often had issues with shrinking, peeling and discolouring.

Over the years with technology advances, thermolaminated doors have replaced the traditional vinyl doors and polytec are the market leaders offering an impressive range in both door profiles, colours & finishes.

Thermolaminated  doors  and  panels  are  made  from  profiled  moisture  resistant  E-Zero  MDF,  constructed with a durable and decorative surface on the face and edges.

Below we will list some benefits to using Thermolaminate doors and why it’s an option you may want to consider for your next kitchen or joinery project.

Budget Friendly

If you love the look of a profiled doors but do not have the budget for polyurethane, thermolaminate doors are a mid-way option that allows you to achieve the look for less.

Wide Range of Colours & Finishes

Polytecs Thermolaminate range is continually expanding and there is a wide variety of both colours and finishes which allows you to have plenty of choice when selecting a colour to suit the look you are trying to achieve.

Large Range of Door Profiles

Polytecs door profile range is extensive and with the improved technology the patterns and profiles that can be achieved are amazingly detailed and sharp. Whether you are wanting to achieve a hamptons kitchen or a sleek modern kitchen we can assure you that the perfect door profile can be found within the thermolaminate range.


Thermolaminate doors are highly durable, scratch resistant and wont chip, which is perfect for busy households with children. They are also easily wiped down making them low maintenance.

7 Year Warranty         

All thermolaminate doors come with a 7 year warranty giving you complete piece of mind.

Thermolaminate doors should not be subjected to high levels of heat. We ensure in all our kitchens that heat shields are installed around ovens to prevent excessive heat damaging your vinyl doors.

We have a great range of thermolaminate doors & colour swatches in our showroom for you to view. We also have the product showcased on some of our display kitchens to gain an even better view of the doors. If you are interested in using thermolaminate doors for your next kitchen or joinery project, we would love to be able to show you the incredible versatility of the product. Book in a showroom consult today to have your experience guided by a designer.

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