How to nail an all-white kitchen!

An all-white kitchen is one our of most popular kitchen styles, but is there such a thing as too much white?

The key to making an all-white kitchen work is by adding textures to keep it from feeling too flat. Texture can be introduced with a profiled door style to add interest or through introducing a timber texture feature such as a floating shelf to add a focal point and subtly bring in another colour to the design, whilst not straying from your all-white vision.

It really is all about the details when choosing all-white kitchens. Adding matt black or brass handles depending on your style of kitchen & with your choice of appliances, sinks & taps, as well as pendant lighting can also inject personality into your design, making white the perfect backdrop to make your feature elements stand out.

When choosing your whites you can be overwhelmed by choice – who knew there were so many variances to white! But the most important factor is to know the undertone of your whites. Cool whites have a grey or blue undertone and warm whites have yellow or pink undertones. Neutral whites are found in the middle with a balance between warm and cool undertones. We would recommend not mixing cool and warm whites in your design but to keep the same undertones for any variances of white you choose.

If you are having a polyurethane kitchen, Dulux is one of our favourite brands to use and have a helpful guide online to help you identify what category your white falls under.

Some of our favourites whites to use for polyurethane kitchens are:

Cool Whites: Lexicon Quarter, White on White and Vivid White

Warm Whites: Whisper White, White Beach Quarter and White Dune

Neutral White: Snowy Mountain Half, Polar White and Charmed White

When choosing Thermolaminate or Melamine doors, our helpful designers will be able to help you with choosing the right white for your home and we have in our showroom many samples from both Polytec and Laminex giving you a great selection of warm, cool & neutral whites to choose from.

When styling your kitchen it is all about balance. If you have timber flooring or stools, bring in this element to your kitchen by styling with a chopping board. Colour can be brought into the space through the inclusion of plants & flowers or little details such as your tea towel colour choice or a vase can all inject personality to your kitchen.

You really cannot go wrong with a timeless all-white kitchen. Let us help you bring together an all-white kitchen for your by booking in a free design consult in our showroom.