Clever Ways to Hide Your Appliances

Appliances are a non negotiable must-have in your kitchen, however not all of them need to be visible! Likewise the plethora of benchtop appliances – microwaves, coffee makers, blenders & toasters that make our lives easier can create a lot of cluttered space. Considering where you will keep these everyday appliances in the design stage is crucial to the final design.

There are many benefits to integrating or concealing appliances. Read on for our top tips for concealing appliances so that they are still within reach, but don’t overwhelm or detract from your brand new kitchen!


Instead of freestanding models, select semi or fully integrated models. The most popular appliances to integrate are fridges, dishwashers & rangehood. By installing a door in your chosen door colour and profile over these appliances it makes them part of the design. Fridges can often become the kitchen eyesore, but integrating it blends it into the design.


There has to be a balance of both functionality & design. Frequently used appliances have their place in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean they always need to be on display! Consider an appliance cabinet to house these frequently used appliances. When not in use the closed doors conceal them from sight. Appliances cabinets can be on the benchtop with either bi-fold, pocket or lift-up doors.


Everyone has appliances that aren’t for everyday, but used frequently enough that you want them to be easily accessible but not necessarily on your bench daily. Deep pot drawers can be utilized to store these appliances. When designing your kitchen consider what appliances you want to be kept in easy access and we can ensure that the height of the appliances fits within the drawers. Having them stored in drawers as opposed to in cabinets, allows them to be accessed more easily. Including inner drawers into a tall pantry for appliances is also a clever way to have them at hand yet concealed.


We all crave a big kitchen with a large walk-in pantry, such as a butler’s pantry. If you are lucky enough to have the space to incorporate a separate one into your kitchen plan, then this could be the perfect place to house all your small appliances.

In the design stage, ensure you devote an area for a benchtop and make sure it’s deep enough to leave your appliances on, lined up and plugged in ready for use.


If you have a return pantry, consider installing a bi-fold door to access appliances at the bench level. These can be easily accessed when needing them. We have this on display in our Narellan showroom. We welcome you to come view this set-up to see if it will work in your new design.


If you are a coffee lover or perhaps you would like a cheeky bar in your kitchen, creating specific stations into your design can help keep these areas orderly by providing space for not only the appliances but also related pantry items, mug etcs so everything is at hand to make that early morning routine coffee one that is a pleasure and not a chore.


There are some appliances that you cant hide, but selecting the same finishes throughout for your appliances will aesthetically work better than mixing finishes. For those appliances that need to be in handy reach, why not make them a feature. A mx master or toaster in a fun colour can add to your décor rather than distract form it.

We would love to help you design your perfect kitchen incorporating all your must-have appliances. Our team love coming up with designs & ideas that are as unique as you. Contact us today to arrange an in-home measure or consultation in our Narellan showroom.

hide appliance in kitchen
hide appliance in kitchen