Q&A with Owner & Designer at Built to Desire

This months blog is a little different. Behind every small business are people that go above and beyond to make their dream into a reality. The owners of Built to Desire Mark & Angela are a classic example of two people that have worked hard from the ground up to create the successful business they run today. We interviewed Angela to find out what makes her tick, her best design tips and what inspired her love of kitchens.

When did your love of kitchens begin?

From when I was young, I always loved scrolling through the real estate section of the paper and through the years when it transformed to online. The kitchen was always the heart of the home and something I noticed over the years was what made the house a home.

What is your favourite design style?

I really love all styles. I haven’t got a set style that I love. I think it depends highly on what I am trying to create for the home, its family and the area that it is located in.

What keeps you motivated?

 My family is definitely number one and I love being able to work so closely with my husband. I also love seeing the reaction from our clients when they see their kitchen come to life!

What trend in kitchens are you most loving at the moment?

The various use of colours and materials in one space has to be my most favorite design trend coming through over the years and the textures are constantly changing which is really exciting!! The use of pastels are just about to hit and this excites me even more, green becoming one of the most popular to use!

What is the one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on when designing your kitchen?

A kitchen is long term investment. Whilst it is the heart of the family home, it also becomes the greatest selling tool when it comes to resale so keep in mind the 3 step triangle. Your fridge, sink and oven should be within a step of each other. Don’t compromise on functionality over aesthetics.

Best advice you could give to someone who’s considering renovating their kitchen?

Don’t get bogged down with overwhelming yourself with too many inspiration images. Give yourself a handful and then take the time to sit down with us here at Built to Desire to assist you in streamlining your design.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

Seeing and hearing the client’s reaction and love for their kitchen once it has been completed. We tend to get photos of a family enjoying their first meal in their new kitchen and I love to know that long lasting memories will be created in a space we have helped create.

What’s something people wouldn’t know about you?

Mark and I have been together since our early twenties and have a love for travel. Together we have travelled to over 30 countries and every time we visit a new destination we stop in at their local joinery company! We have made friends from all over the globe which assists us in our business today. We look forward to the day when we can travel again!

Have questions you would like to ask about your kitchen project? We are only a phonecall away for free and friendly advice. You never know, a short conversation could be the start of something amazing!